Olympic Peninsula Trophy Winter Steelhead 2019 (early booking)

First Class Winter Steelhead Trips

Wynoochee Humptulips Clearwater Queets Upper Quinault
Specializing in guided trips with Centerpin Rods
Specializing in Catch and Release trips safely targeting Trophy Natives
Professional Riverside Photography
Fun, Educational Environment for all Experience Levels



New to JPS GUIDE SERVICE 2018 – if you have not booked before, I will require a deposit of $150 to reserve your limited space in 2018’s Trophy Steelhead Season

If you are interested in Booking a First Class Guided Trip for the winter Steelhead season? Please Scroll through the Calendar Below and Select the day that works best for you. Fill out the details and please be sure to leave me a note on the details of your trip, such as; Names or Questions regarding the trip. If you have additional questions about these trips and are NOT sure about booking, please send me a message by clicking the “contact” tab at the top of menu bar of the website.
Please visit my booking page for my “booking policy” I don’t require deposits but you may want to glance at my policy’s, thanks! and lets catch your dream Steelhead. book with confidence.

Timing of Wild Fish Runs
Early January, lots of hatchery fish on the Queets (short float, lots of anchor fishing but can be very product for big brood stock hatchery fish. Wynoochee and Humptulips have some hatchery fish as well. Mid/Late January, I start to get in my wild steelhead routine, remote drifts, this is the beginning of the good fishing for the southern coast, not a lot of fish, but early bright large wild Fish and shot at decent numbers. February for peak of wild return late month and chance at a big one – March for Big fish and the winning of all around numbers of fish. April – for low pressure, quality fish and big fish on two remote rivers, not incredible numbers days but my favorites of the year.

Cost – (CASH) (minimum of two anglers)

$250 Per Person
$400 – Single Angler (Private Boat)
$225 – Per Person – 3 Anglers Total – Discounted

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Humptulips and Surrounding River Coho 2017

Coho Guided Trips (November)
November is here, Olympic peninsula Coho is going in full swing with the peak usually around the middle the month extending into Christmas. The big native coho show very well 2nd week of November until christmas. During this time the B-Run of hatchery coho also blends in making November a prime month to chase chrome olympic peninsula coho.The limit for coho varies on each system I fish, some allow 2 adults wild retention while some only allow 2 adults hatchery retention. No doubt the biggest Coho are in November and make for a wild experience, twitching jigs and ripping spinners in pockets makes for a great entertaining guided trip. Brand new Gloomis IMX twitch rods paired with Stradic CI4+ reels for 2017, on my guided trips I’m only offering only the best gear. I’ll be extending my services to 3 different river system for coho this year.
Hatchery Steelhead&Coho Combination Guided Trips (December)
By early December I’m offering Humptulips River guide trips for hatchery steelhead and late B-Run coho combination limits. These trips are unique, we actually target both species in one day. Prime dates for these trips are early/middle of December. My guided trips are educational, friendly and are designed to help you learn new techniques to better yourself on your own time, obviously I always want to  catch fish as well.


$250 – Per Person for 2 anglers

?Wynoochee ?Humptulips?Clearwater

$275 – Per Person for 2 anglers
?Queets and Upper Quinault Olympic National Park

$375 – Single Angler (Private Boat)

$225 – Per Person – 3 Anglers Total

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Learning new Techniques with JPS Guide Service (Fall Salmon 2016)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Back Bounce eggs over a ledge gently into the mouth of an oversized chinook? Or properly rig a Float & Egg setup for heavy water Chinook fishing? What about how to effectively Twitch a Jig with the perfect rhythm motion for that feisty Coho to snap. JP’s Guide Service wants you to learn anything you want to learn about River Fishing Fall Salmon or Winter Run Steelhead. All you need to do is book a trip come along and ask any question you may have.

Techniques Include:
Swinging Spinners:
“Proper Presentation, Custom Colors and Hoochies, hook sizes, blade sizes”
Float and Eggs: “Proper Presentation, Which hooks, Weights and Floats for different types of water, but most importantly the 5 baits to use under a float”
Twitching Jigs: “Proper Presentation, Sizes, Different Types of Twitch Rhythm’s for Kings or Coho, Colors and Styles”
Back-Bouncing: One of the hardest… “Presentation, Rigging, Weights, Droppers, Various Type’s of water , proper boat maneuvering and most importantly the Feel of the bite”
Back-Trolling Plugs or Divers: Surprisingly Detailed.. “Which Colors, Styles, How to properly Wrap Plugs, Cures for plug wraps”
Bobber Dogging: “Proper Setup, Floats, Weights, Leader Lengths, Bobber Stops and Presentation, salmon setups vs steelhead setups”
Float and Jig: A chums favorite! colors, sizes and types of water to find those striped feisty creatures” from steelhead jigs to plugs, chums love all kinds of stuff.

Watch out - Bob's pretty deadly with his Perfect "Low and Slow" Hoochie spinner technique. Those silvers dont stand a chance!

Watch out – Bob’s pretty deadly with his Perfect “Low and Slow” #5 Vibrax hoochie spinner techniques. Those silvers dont stand a chance with the custom colors!


One of the biggest Float and Egg Chinook ever caught with JP’s Guide Service over 40lbs!!! Using Heavy 1oz, Floats, 1oz weights and additional UV-bait weight to get down deep enough to the biggest kings

Wendy with a MONSTER coho caught with 1/2oz Cerise Head Purple and Black body Hawken Twitching Jig, using dramatic Up and down motions that attracted bigger fish this day.

Wendy with a MONSTER coho caught with 1/2oz Cerise Head Purple and Black body Hawken Twitching Jig, using dramatic Up and down motions that attracted bigger fish this day.