.UPDATED  2017.

I’ve ran many First-Class guided trips for experienced Pinners from BC, Alaska, New York, Jersey, Michigan, Vancouver, New Jersey, Oregon and Ontario. My Anglers have come with custom rods, built for my guided trips on the OP targeting big trophy class Native Steelhead, Using Angler-Spec, Kingfisher, Collvile CPR Reels, Kingpin, Campbell, Raven and Okuma reels. I know which lines to bring and the types of rods to buy or build specifically for these trophy fish from a drift boat. All the terminal gear Is supplied by me. I always make sure you go home with pictures of a lifetime after they receive some touchups.
You’ll need to prepare yourself to commit for at minimum 4 days of fishing out here due to our volatile weather patterns, I always suggest 4-8 days of fishing. You have a high chance of blowing-out due to this being a RAINFOREST that receives inches of rain sometimes in a day. If you book all 8 days, be physically and financially ready to fish all 8. When you book the trip and time this place right as it drops into shape, its worth the wait, it can be magical.  If you have questions regarding a Centerpin trip, please feel free to drop me a email, or click the contact tab and send me a message through the site. We can go over the details and set you up with a Centerpin excursion of a lifetime.

Alex Carroll stuck this 41.5″ x 21″ nearly 25lb monster on his tiny islander paired with a Gloomis 11′ IMX, 50lb power pro braid and 20lb fluorocarbon leader.

Dan Hubbard pictured here with a beautiful wild TANK!

a beautiful 38×20″ stud buck that I stuck last year on the Colville 5.5″ series reel on one of my only days off during the season. thank you steelhead gods!

Centerpin Guided Trip Photos 2012-2015
IMG_1013daniel chrome king 2centerpin sunrise kingIMG_9898IMG_0939IMG_0930IMG_0946IMG_0971IMG_1006IMG_0992IMG_1028IMG_1034-2IMG_1038IMG_1051 IMG_1063IMG_0686 IMG_9885 IMG_9799 IMG_9780