Fishing Reports September 2017
Coastal fishing the queets and humptulips rivers has started very slow this season, expect this season to weigh heavily on the amount of rain we receive this September or we may be in for a slow month. The humptulips was very slow on opening day and Labor Day weekend. not many fish have moved in but this isn’t nessesarily bad thing these king salmon know they are on a biological clock and its about time to return to their headwaters to spawn or enter the hatchery. Normally on years that start slow with warm ocean temperatures and climate these fish will return all at once in what is called a compressed run. So I’m expecting to have a great season late September into November instead of a huge earlier start here in the first weeks of September. Contact me if your interested in coastal fishing this fall 2017, just click my contact tab.

Fishing Reports February – March 2017
This has been a very good, high production, high quality winter steelhead season. There has been great numbers of larger fish around this year compared to previous years. I’m also noticing I have dialed in my gear much better using mustad 4/0 custom poured jig heads, paired with PLINE CFX 15lb floro carbon my landing ratio this year has been stellar. The bigger jig hook has stuck the larger fish much better. Marabu jigs, yarn balls, beads it doesn’t matter putting the time in many dreams have come true this season! I’m almost 3/4 booked for 2018 steelhead season but still have prime dates in January open.


Chinook fishing for 2016 hasnt even come close to the special season we all shared last year in 2015. The numbers of Chinook are not as present as last year. We have still found good success on Chinook numbers for the past month of September and limited out almost everyday. Coho however this year are showing very abundant and willing to bite Marabou and rubber squid jigs. We will be targeting these coho throughout October and well into December. Coho this year are big and look for us to post some monsters by thanksgiving! Here’s a very few pictures from our September 2016 tidewater fishery. 
img_3868 amato-1-15-copy amato-1-14-copyOCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015

By far the most amazing King Salmon fishing I’ve ever seen. What a special year it was, every single trip with the exception of one (weather related) was spectacular King fishing. Including the first King pictured here going 50lbs!!! a true Washington trophy specimen. Float and Egg fishing did it this season, finding a special egg cure helped as well as digging fresh sandshrimp from the sandy shores each night gave my trips a well placed advantage.

new kings-56 copynew kings-33 copy

new kings-5 copynew kings-26 copyblinger ricky kingnew kings-41 copynew kings-44 copy
September 2015
Its starting with a bang! float fishing kings at its finest! don’t miss out on this action, we are hammering them!
image2 image5 IMG_1386 copy Dan chrome kingNovember 2014

best coho year of my life…



IMG_2494 IMG_2559 IMG_2643[1] IMG_2611[1] IMG_0479OCTOBER 2014
The King and coho runs are in full swing on the Humptulips. The last 2 weeks of September into October has been flat out ridiculous good fishing for kings. We have landed over triple digits with Chinook. I would say this season has started nothing short of phenomenal, with the majority of the kings hooked on Float & Egg combinations with various types of scented eggs, one scent for sure has been a bread winner; Anise. The humptulips and satsop have had their early push of hatchery chinook but from the wild run of kings should be in full swing by the end of the month, and specially during the next big rain cycle. Large hoochie jigs and spinners have also got those finicky biters to attack when on the move or when a bait bite has died off. Looking forward to a great October as more and more coho show in our systems, the next rain should bring a huge push of fish. Keep on eye on the netting scheduale, usually without a significant rainfall it takes 24 hours for fish to move into the “lower” drifts in the coastal rivers, with significant rain it can take only 10 hours for those fish to be clear up by hatcheries. Bright moon phases and big tides means traveling fish, so look for fish at the “head-ins” of holes/runs and not typically in tailouts or deep holes, although big bodied fish will hide in the deepest parts during daylight hours if the rivers haven’t received significant rain.

IMG_0371 IMG_0377 IMG_0318 IMG_0275 IMG_0226 IMG_0321 IMG_0284 IMG_0169 copy IMG_0291 IMG_0259


IMG_0026 IMG_0032 IMG_9998


Rain! here it comes, bring on heavy loads of hatchery steelhead. This week to start the steelhead season was tough considering the rivers were bone dry low, running at summertime heights. Never the less, a massive pineapple express is moving in bringing lots of water for fresh steelhead to enter the system. The next few weeks should be nothing short of epic! im covering up to 15-18 miles of water per day and will be getting a mix bag of hatchery fish ranging from 6-17lbs with the occasional monster weighing in at 20lbs on the wynoochee. Expect those rouge trophy native Steelhead Bucks to be moving in the systems within the next few rains! give me a call – I only have a few dates in February left!
IMG_9762-2IMG_9769-2 IMG_9774-2


Here it is, that time of year that big hooknose coho follows your jig or spinner up to the boat, you panic and throw back in looking for that fish ranging from 15-20lbs of chrome and anger. All of a sudden it hits and rolls and rolls and all you see is chrome flashing in the water, that rush of a winter chrome coho is thrilling and for some, is the favorite time of year. This week we have seen near double digit landings and hookup’s.. The big B-Run is “peaking” and some days can be great and others can be a bit harder. Although its not a lights out year for coho, they have been big and healthy making up for a few less numbers than years before. Sardine wrapped k13x plugs and hoochie jigs and vibrax spinners have worked great. Come checkout this action over the next few weeks coho and hatchery winter steelhead combination trips are going to be common and super fun to kill both species on the same day. 

IMG_0248 IMG_0262 IMG_0265 IMG_0272-2 IMG_0275 unnamed


The B-RUN of coho on the Humptulips and Satsop, are notorious for being big and ferocious coho’s. These big coho range from 12-20lb’s and attack big presentations. The best thing about the B-Run of coho is that they will be around from thanksgiving all the way till January with the peak in mid December.  It makes for a great combination trip targeting big chrome Christmas cohos and then fresh, early winter steelhead making for a memorable day on the Peninsula! We have already started catching the B-Run cohos and steelhead are just around the corner. Even a few late chrome kings are still hanging around! Here’s a few photos from the past week of fishing.

photo (25) photo (27) photo (28) photo (31)


Wow there is simply nothing like an ocean bright, purple haze King salmon effortlessly pulling line from your reel and all you can hear is the drag system screaming as a 20-45lb King owns you for all your worth. We have already caught more kings this season than all of last year combined and its just getting started! We are fishing the Humptulips and Satsop rivers. On the Humptulips you are allowed 1 King Salmon per angler and it may be a wild or hatchery. On the Satsop this season you are allowed up to 3 hatchery Kings. On average we are hooking 7-10 kings per day with some days reaching into the 15-25 hookup’s on these big kings. Expect the fishing to get even better Mid-October and the real large native kings show later in the month when the tides are at their biggest – make sure to grab the remaining days in October and early November to catch some of these ocean beasts!

IMG_9963 untitled (1 of 1) untitled (1 of 1)-2



Eli's dream king salmon while on a trip with JP's Guide Service Mid-September 2013

Eli’s dream king salmon while on a trip with JP’s Guide Service Mid-September 2013

Beth with her first kings ever!

Beth with her first kings ever!


Allisons first king of the year!

Allisons first king of the year!

austin with a chrome hog

Austin with a chrome hog!

Rob with a beautiful slab for the grill!

Rob with a beautiful slab for the grill!

Joe with a limit of brights

Joe with a limit of brights



untitled (1 of 1)-18

Grandpa and Grandson out on an epic day of king fishing early october 2013!

untitled (1 of 1)-16


untitled (1 of 1)-21

Ocean chrome hen, for the BBQ

untitled (1 of 1)-20

Bill and his lady with a spread of fish for takehome, with many releases this was an outstanding day

untitled (1 of 1)-54

Bryanna Zimmerman and Lael Johnson with a double header of chrome kings!

untitled (1 of 1)-49

Stacy with a big plug king


Limits of late September Kings


low 30’s king


Joe Sr. with an early September native king

IMG_9995 untitled (1 of 1)-60untitled (1 of 1)-30 untitled (1 of 1)-24

untitled (1 of 1)-22untitled (1 of 1)-33untitled (1 of 1)-26 untitled (1 of 1)-34 untitled (1 of 1)-38 untitled (1 of 1)-43 IMG_0134-2 IMG_0354 copy IMG_0083IMG_0151



March marks my favorite time of the year, Catch and Release of wild Steelhead. The wild Steelhead is unlike its step-brother the “hatchery Steelhead”. These fish are pure wild gem’s of the northwest. It only takes one look at a native to see its true beauty, from the vibrant stripes to the deep spotting, pronounced jaw lines, higher stronger backs and thicker fins. These fish are superior both in beauty and strength. One will never forget the feeling of fighting these relentless fish on light tackle. These fish are rare, each one is unique in its own characteristics and their beauty is unparalleled.

MARCH 2013

Typically focusing my energy on the southern regions of the Olympic Peninsula, targeting river systems with less than half the pressure of those rivers more popularly fished in the Forks region. I focus on the rivers were you will have genuine classic Steelhead feel of majestic scenery, emerald green waters, little or no boat traffic, just you and mother natures most untouched regions of the peninsula. The Humptulips and a few river systems just north of Humptulips have put out consistent opportunities each day at ocean bright Steelhead with little boat pressure making a spectacular catch and release fishing experience and of course a relaxing day down the river. Throughout the month of March we have seen a decrease in Male fish returning, with an increase in Female migration into these river systems. The dominant males remain very aggressive protecting “reds” (known as nests) for females to spawn with them. They will attack anything drifted their way and are very easy to catch with the right presentation. With the Increase of chrome bright females moving into the system marks the last strong push is near and we should expect excellent fishing throughout the rest of the month as the females show in larger numbers. The biggest females normally show in march and can break the 20lb mark. These big beautiful chrome trophys commonly range 15-18lbs and can jump sky high and tear down river in a blink of the eye. they are silverly torpeados in the water and demand respect when you have one on the end of the line!


Rob and Wendy holding a beauitul native that fought so hard we had to turn the boat on a dime 4 times to land her after a 8 minute fight on light tackle

A giant hen I caught on a fun-fishing day with a fellow guide friend of mine late march 2013 on a coastal system known for big native steelhead.

A giant hen I caught on a fun-fishing day with a fellow guide friend of mine, late march 2013 on a coastal system known for big native steelhead


Wendy with her 2nd steelhead of the day, this one was sitting pretty at 15lbs. With her last fish that was a buck nearly 20lbs! She was having a spectacular day, her husband also landed a beautiful 17lb hen the same day

A monster 20lb native buck.

A monster 20lb native buck.


The fishing is hot and heavy right now on the Wynoochee, Humptulips and Satsop rivers as we continue to bang out great days and lots of limits of hatchery chrome Steelhead. These fish are suckers for Pautzke Borax O’ Fire eggs, jigs, yarn balls and plugs presented to them correctly using my techniques and subtle approach in these low water conditions   We are also getting a great mix of early natives beginning to show in good force. On the Wynoochee I’ve been drifting from crossover bridge to black creek on a common day and of course I have a few mud slide put in’s which puts me in front of the majority of the boat pressure insuring hookup’s on these big hatchery fish all alone on the river. I’m averaging 3-6 hookup’s per trip and we have the occasional 10-15 hookup days, specially after a large rain when the rivers on a steep drop. Boy this year the fish have been BIG! check a few of the pictures out below.

Edwin pictured here with a set of beautiful twin hens on the Wynoochee

Edwin pictured here with a set of beautiful twin hens on the Wynoochee

John with a monster 20lb Wynoochee hatchery giant!

John with a monster 20lb Wynoochee hatchery giant!

Joe with a big plug caught hatchery steelhead!

Joe with a big plug caught hatchery steelhead!




January is a very special month and its simple.. BIG STEELHEAD. This is the month were the biggest, baddest, most aggressive male steelhead move into their native river systems ahead of the majority of the run fighting there way through raging currents, boulder gardens and climbing elevations that reach way into the mountains. Their goal is one thing, to get higher into the river system than anyone else around which displays dominance by the higher in the system they go. Which in return only the strongest hens which make it as high as they do will ensure the most dominant genetics to be passed on to the next generation, basically its survival of the fittest and this is the month to hook your big trophy buck!

We have kicked off the month with a bang, the first week of January was hot as a pistol almost every day limits were easy to be had and throughout the rest of the month things just got better and better. I had a single angler book a day with me mid January and he went 9 for 10 on his own! Basically January is the month for major hatchery Steelhead fishing, this is your month to take home limits and more limits!  check out the pics below!

Hatchery Hen

Hatchery Hen



Chase Gunnell and Sean Norton landed this beautiful 37" native buck on its way up a coastal system first week of january, we hooked fish much bigger than this later in the week, just never could get them in the net!

Chase Gunnell and Sean Norton landed this beautiful 37″ native buck on its way up a coastal system first week of January, we defiantly hooked fish much bigger than this later in the week, just never could get them in the net! nothing like targeting smaller hatchery fish on light tackle and then all of a sudden hooking into a beast like this one.

Ron with a stout wynoochee hatchery buck

Ron with a stout wynoochee hatchery buck, this was the day Ron went 9 for 10 on his own.

Harvey with a beautiful steelhead with an amazing sunrise in the background

Harvey with a beautiful steelhead with an amazing sunrise in the background


Coho! coho! coho! they are everywhere and fun to catch.  With time and effort you can expect 3-8 hookups a trip! Some of these cohos are the famous B-RUN giants that average 14-16lbs! and can even grow over 20lbs at times. Working the Satsop and Humptulips rivers the past few weeks. In between coho holes we are sidedrifting for steelhead and its starting to pickup. This is the time the biggest hatchery fish are moving in, nothing like a day with coho’s & steelhead in the fish box at the same time.

Ocean bright cohos in december? limits limits limits! with many more released

Ocean bright cohos in December? limits limits limits! with many more released, its not quite time to target steelhead yet, because theres plenty of coho to target for days and days! I will offer steelhead/coho combination trips next week which are always a blast! you never know what you might hook

Limits of extra large christmas coho's!

Limits of extra large christmas coho’s!

Rob and Wendy with a big wild coho for the grill!

Rob and Wendy with a big wild coho for the grill!

fish on!

fish on!


Alison with a giant coho she caught by herself casting and retrieving a KND custom tackle candy pink spinner!

Alison with a giant coho she caught by herself casting and retrieving a KND custom tackle candy pink spinner!


Leif and Jose with a beautiful ocean chrome chinook caught late november backtrolling k15 plugs!


Garrett with a big november slab! this king took eggs under a float. Within 1 hour Garrett and his father caught and released 4 kings and killed a few coho as well! way to go Garrett



The peak of the kings are here! October is the month for your trophy wild chinook.

October kings are here, this is the month to nail your biggest chinook of the season!

October kings are here, this is the month to nail your biggest chinook of the season!

John with a dandy Chinook for the grill!

John with a dandy Chinook for the grill!



Marcin with a monster fall coho!

k15's have been lethal for Chinook success in any water conditions.

k15’s have been lethal for Chinook success in any water conditions