A fun day on the coast, two of my returning clients enjoying limits of kings and even I was allowed to pull on a few!

2015 Guided Steelhead Centerpin Trip

Guided Steelhead Trip from 2012 (video from client)

20lb Steelhead Fun from 2012

This video featuring the battle of two big-trophy sized native steelhead, was shot in 2012 on the coast of Washington. Me and my bestfriend were out on a guys trip for fun hooking big trophy sized steelhead for 4 days straight!

Another big steelhead battle! 40″+

This video was shot just a day after the video above! continuing our rampage catching and releasing giant native Steelhead. We hooked over 30 Steelhead in 3 days, and most of them averaged over 13lb’s or bigger. My friend and I always have the time of our lives together and the excitement never ceases. Guiding or Not, I spend my days on the water 24/7 – 365 a year. (always use conservation knotless and rubber coated catch and release nets and insuring the fish are left unharmed, no scales lost, no loss of slime.. we always insure our fish are revived properly before releasing).

Guided Steelhead Trips from 2013
This video was shot with my old boat from the wynoochee and queets river.